Gun Dog Training

We have a three step gun dog training program that is tailored to the dog and the owner’s needs. The Puppy, Gundog and Advanced retriever training offers access to 660 acres including small and large bodies of water within one mile of the kennel.

Puppy Training

Socialization is the key to development to better prepare your puppy for more formal and advanced training. We will begin with socializing your puppy, then move to crate training, birds, gunfire, walking on a leash, and learning to sit – along with the ‘here’ command. We will also introduce e-collar conditioning.

Gun Dog Training

Our gun dog training is a 3-4 month program that includes obedience, force fetch, collar and gun conditioning. Upon completion, we will move to the field to put everything together. Dogs, both flushing and pointing, will have birds shot over them and pointing dogs will be whoa broke.

Advanced Training

The advanced training program is for the dogs that have completed the basic training, and built off what was learned. This program takes approximately 5-6 months to complete. The dog will be taught to handle blind retrieves and develop teamwork – which is a must for the serious waterfowler. At the end of the program we will spend time with you and your dog so that you can build that bond needed to be a team.